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Feb 15, 2020

The Visualist - Peter Walsh Exhibition at Virgin Hotels Chicago Commons Club

Chicago artist Peter Walsh will display his “Seven Treasures” kimono painting series at the Virgin Hotels Chicago Commons Club through a collaboration with Rob McKay, co-owner of Hyde Park’s Connect Gallery. Connect Gallery’s curatorial partnership with Virgin Hotels Chicago introduces the work of noteworthy Chicago artists in the sophisticated setting of the hotel’s restaurant and bar, Commons Club – a “membership experience without dues” where “work & play intermingle.” Walsh’s paintings may be viewed from February 15 through March 20, 2020, with an opening event planned for Saturday, February 15, from 6-9 p.m.

Oct 14, 2019

What Should We Do - Peter Walsh - "Seven Treasures"

"Coming soon to Chicago’s art scene: an exhibition in a bank, a pop-up gallery inspired by kimonos, a new look at Andy Warhol, and photography that speaks to sexual identity...After a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, artist Peter Walsh decided to create this series of paintings inspired by textiles used to make kimonos. See his contemporary takes in this solo exhibition at a pop-up gallery, which revel in colors and patterns painted more than 300 years ago."

Oct 08, 2019

The Visualist - Peter Walsh - "Seven Treasures" Art Exhibition

Oct 08, 2019

Chicago Gallery News - Peter Walsh - "Seven Treasures" Art Exhibition

"Using the Japanese fabric patterns as a creative prompt, Walsh created the 5’ H x 4’ W paintings starting with an abstract background, and building with separate pieces of painted canvas patterns, cut to size and hand-sewn on the background in the form of traditional kimono — similar to a patchwork quilt. Walsh explained, 'When I am creating these I get totally absorbed in the process. I’ve learned that the paint is going to do what it wants, and I have to work with that. What I enjoy best is painting the patterns, chopping them up, and watching them come back to life in another form."

Sep 25, 2019

Art World Chicago - Peter Walsh - "Seven Treasures" Art Exhibition

Mar 27, 2018

Voyage Chicago "The Throught Provokers: Celebrating Artists & Creatives"

"I grew up surrounded by art – both my paternal grandfather and my mother were artists. I was constantly doodling on test papers, desks, and notebooks, and when I was in middle school I started tagging along when my mother went to her drawing classes. It was during one of these classes, drawing a live model that I first knew I was interested in making art for myself."

Feb 26, 2018

Bridgeport Art Center 6th Annual Juried Art Competition

One of my recent abstract paintings was accepted into the Bridgeport Art Center's 6th Annual Juried Competition:


"Chicago's Bridgeport Art Center (BAC), 1200 W. 35th St., will announce the winners of its sixth annual juried art competition, awarding $3,000 in prizes to Chicago and vicinity artists, in an awards ceremony on Friday, March 16, 2018, 7-10PM. The show will continue until May 4. From the many entries submitted, jurors Carole Harmel and Virginio Ferrari selected a show of 62 examples of contemporary art from the region, representing a great variety of styles and media. 'This large exhibit presents a diverse and fascinating overview of the Chicago art world,' said Bridgeport Art Center Curator Lelde Kalmite."

Feb 20, 2018

Voyage Chicago

One of my recent abstract paintings was featured in the Voyage Chicago article, "Chicago Creatives: The Local Artists Who Inspire Us."

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